BARISH KEPIC - Sensitive Crush (2009)

[Review] BARISH KEPIC - Sensitive Crush (2009)

Artwork based on an idea from : Barish Kepic
Catalog number : FFCD07709
Sensitive Crush is the first solo effort from Barish Kepic, released in 2009. The opus is close to Helluva Time because, in 2004-2005, JADED HEART - who started a new era with new singer Johan Fahlberg - needed new compositions. Barish decided to use a part of his solo work to make Helluva Time. Don't be surprise to hear instrumental version of "Dreams You'll Never Seen", titled "Time Will Tell", on Sensitive Crush. There is a large choice of Melodic (Hard)-Rock songs. Barish express himself thanks to Sensitive Crush.

Tracklist :
01. Loco Train
02. Life Cycle (The Eternal Flame)
03. Easy Monday
04. The Dark Spell
05. Lucky Breeze
06. Chasing Stars
07. Sensitive Crush
08. Sahara
09. Time Will Tell
10. Precious Moment
Line-up :
Barish Kepic (guitars +bass for tracks 01, 02 et 04)
Mathias Hof (bass + keyboards )
Andy Binder (drums)

Label : Funky Finger
Release date : 2009
Produced by : Barish Kepic
Recorded at : Pighouse Studio & Tonwerk