JADED HEART - Helluva Time (2005)

[Review] JADED HEART - Helluva Time (2005)

Artwork by : Thomas Ewerhard
Catalog number : FRCD262
In 2004, charismatic JADED HEART leader Michael Bormann was fired. The reason why he was fired was a disagreement between him and the rest of the band. In replacement, JADED HEART chose, in 2005, SCUDIERO singer Johan Fahlberg. In same time, guitar player Barish Kepic brought his solo project to make a new JADED HEART album however he offered to Johan the opportunity to write lyrics part. Helluva Time was born. It proved that JADED HEART without Michael Bormann was possible, even if the band has been helped by some guests (Peter Ostros - INSANIA -, Anders Engberg - SEVENTH SIGN, ex-LIONS SHARE -, Erik Martensson - ECLIPSE -, Conny Welen and Tommy Denander) and well-known producer Chris Laussman.
It is one of the great effort from JADED HEART, it's a twelve track opus composed of fantastic Melodic Hard-Rock songs like the Anastacia cover Paid My Dues for example, or Tomorrow Comes.

Tracklist :
01. Tomorrow Comes
02. Hole In My Heart
03. Somewhere
04. Dreams You'll Never See
05. Who's Foolin'
06. Paid My Dues
07. Without You
08. Love & Desire
09. No One
10. Shores Of Paradise
11. Frozen Heart
12. Love To Live
Line-up :
Johan Fahlberg (voices)
Barish Kepic (guitars)
Michael Muller (bass)
Henning Wanner (keyboards)
Axel Kruse (drums)
Anders Engberg, Erik Martensson, Conny Welen, Peter Ostros (guest voices)
Tommy Denander (guest guitars)

Label : Frontiers
Release date : 2005
Produced by : Jaded Heart/Chris Lausmann
Recorded at : Nocturn Studios, Rosenheim | Crossroad 18 Studios, Stockholm | Attic Studios, Duisburg