JADED HEART - Trust (2004)

[Review] JADED HEART - Trust (2004)

What happened in 2004 ? Last release from Bormann-Kepic duet in JADED HEART ! I hope you remember The Journey Will Never End with a Heavy Rock touch. The new one use this same Heavy Rock sound, Trust is louder than the last one ... Well, it's composed of great and catchy "hits" songs : for example Healer, Anymore, Feels Like Home, Burning Heart, self-titled or F****** Hating You ! Bormann's voice is more agressive than ever, melodies played by Kepic, Müller, Warner and Kruse are really impressive. To conclude, Trust put THE right end to Bormann's era : a fantastic "final" album !

Tracklist :
01. Anymore
02. Feels Like Home
03. Healer
04. Burning Heart
05. If I Lose
06. Trust
07. Masquerade
08. Let It Rain
09. Love Is Magic
10. Sweet Summertime
11. F****** Hating You
12. Jaded
13. Give It Back

Line-up :
Michael Bormann (voices)
Barish Kepic (guitars)
Michael Muller (bass)
Henning Wanner (keyboards)
Axel Kruse (drums)

Artwork by : Peter Nardo
Catalog number : UTCD 082

Label : Ulftone
Release date : 2004
Produced by : Jaded Heart
Recorded at : RMB Rock- Studios, Duisburg