POWERWORLD - Powerworld (2008)

[Review] POWERWORLD - Powerworld (2008)
Artwork by : Carl-André Beckston
Catalog number : 00050
POWERWORLD, it's the new baby project of the ex-MOON DOC and FREEDOM CALL bassplayer Ilker Ersin. It was born in 2004 but the real "life" of POWERWORLD begins in 2006-2007 thanks to Barish Kepic guitar's help. Neils Neumann (ex-FREEDOM CALL) and Jurgen Lucas (ex-AT VANCE) join the band too. The last thing they need (it reminds me of ... JADED HEART 2005's period, no ?) a singer ... The first one who has been chosen was Chitral Somalpa, known for his FARO band. Finally, Steffen Brunner is chosen as the "right voice".

This self-titled release sounds Melodic Metal with some Progressive touches ... It's a really nice first effort, with great melodies as the ballad Dancing With Angels or the fantastic Our Melody and the CUTTING CREW's cover I (Just) Died In Your Arms. Of course, it looks like some other german bands but it's a pleasure to listen the POWERWORLD fresh songs !

Tracklist :
01.The Dark (Intro)
02. Creatures
03. Lake Of Eternity
04. Fight Fire With Fire
05. Signs In The Sand
06. I Reach The Light
07. Dancing With The Angels
08. Your World Is Not Mine
09. I Died In Your Arms
10. Breaking The Silence
11. Don't Walk On Broken Glass
12. Our Melody

Line Up:
Steffen Brummer (voices)
Barish Kepic (guitars)
Illker Ersin (bass)
Nils Neumann (keyboards)
Jürgen Lucas (drums)

Label : Metal Heaven
Release date : 2008
Produced by : Ilker Ersin/POWERWORLD
Recorded in : Germany