POWERWORLD - Human Parasite (2010)

[Review] POWERWORLD - Human Parasite (2010)

Artwork by : Carl-André Beckston
Catalog number : 308572
I've waited more than I've expected, to get this new POWERWORLD opus. Thanks to Barish Kepic, I've got many informations about Human Parasite. Called Human Parasite at first, later called Tame Your Demons (with Steffen Brunner and Jurgen Lucas leaving) and finally called again Human Parasite, this album has been "THE album I've to get for this year" ! About new comers, we've now Andrew McDermott as singer (best known for his THRESHOLD work), Achim Keller (VICTORY) as drummer. For this last one, he's not the man who have recorded the drums studio part.

Human Parasite, as Barish Kepic has mentionned, doesn't sound really Melogressive Metal but more Heavy Melodic Metal. Ilker and him has done a great work together. Stand Up, East Comes To West or Caught In Your Web for example are really fantastic. However, I've found that Steffen Brunner was better than Andrew McDermott as singer and Self-titled was better too than Human Parasite. I think I've hoped more than I could and may be it's this last point which makes me feel disappointed !

A good second effort, far away from the first one ! I'm a little bit disappointed but I wish the best to the band and especially to Ilker Ersin (It's his baby project. Don't forget it !).

Tracklist :
01. Cleansed By Fire
02. Stand Up
03. Evil In Me
04. Time Will Change
05. Human Parasite
06. Hope
07. East Comes To West
08. Children Of Future
09. Caught In Your Web
10. Tame Your Demons
11. Might Of Secrets
12. King For A Day
13. Tears Of The World (bonus)

Line Up:
Andrew McDermott (voices)
Barish Kepic (guitars)
Ilker Ersin (bass)
Nils Neumann (keyboards)
Achim Keller (drums)
Michael Bormann (guest background voices)

Label : SPV/Steamhammer
Release date : 2010
Produced by : POWERWORLD
Recorded in : Germany