[Review] JADED HEART - IV (1999)

Artwork by : DTP Studio Winter
Catalog number : 0681-04
IV is compared as a Classic Rock release by many JADED HEART's fans. I a little bit disagree : IV is composed of real great and catchy songs, however I think previous album as Inside Out and $laves And Master$ are better. The record company MTM Music, producer Bobby Barth and JADED HEART team have made here a nice job : listen to tracks like the fantastic Phil Collins and RAINBOW covers of Easy Lover and Stone Cold, or strong song trio Take My Soul - Ain't A Perfect World - But I Like It for example.

Tracklist :
01. Live and Let Die
02. Take My Soul
03. Way Back Home
04. Stone Cold
05. When You Hear the Thunder
06. Ain't A Perfect World
07. With Your Eyes
08. But I Like It
09. Hey God Don't Hesitate
10. She's A Woman
11. Behind Your Pride
12. Easy Lover

Line-up :
Michael Bormann (voices)
Barish Kepic (guitars)
Michael Muller (bass)
Chris Ivo (keyboards)
Axel Kruse (drums)

Label : MTM Music
Release date : 1999
Produced by : Bobby Barth
Recorded at : NEH-Studios, Denver, Colorado