JADED HEART - The Journey Will Never End (2003)

[Review] JADED HEART - The Journey Will Never End

Artwork by : Hasn-Martin Eise
Catalog number : 1103-1568
After the IV Classic Rock release plus a best-of, JADED HEART comes back in studio to record a new opus : The Journey Will Never End. The german band (composed of Michael Bormann, Michael Müller, Axel Kruse, Barish Kepic and the new membre Henning Warner replacing Chris Ivo) records a Hard/Heavy-Rock album with great-catchy and some "strange" songs : We'll Drag You Down where you can hear a Michael Bormann rap singing, a BACKSTREET BOYS's cover called Larger Than Life, On The Rise, Lucky Son or Dangerous Toys, and a Barish Kepic's tribute (to his parents) named Sunshine Memories.
Announcing a new way to rock with Heavy touches, JADED HEART sounds more agressive ! The Journey Will Never End is an amazing album.

Tracklist :
02.Kid is going down
03.The journey will never end
04.On the rise
05.We'll drag you down
06.Only human
07.Lucky son
08.I'll be there
09.Larger than life
10.Dangerous destiny
11.These are the good times
12.Sunshine memories
13.Sign of the times

Line-up :
Michael Bormann (voices)
Barish Kepic (guitars)
Michael Muller (bass)
Henning Warner (keyboards)
Axel Kruse (drums)

Label : MTM Music
Release date : 2003
Produced by : Tommy Newton
Recorded at : Area 51 Recording Studios, Celle