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[Interview] I've made an interview with Barish Kepic in April 2010, we've talked about Human Parasite, his solo project, ... I hope you've checked your copy because we gonna deal with this new album ! (A lot of "why" or "could you explain me ...", however it's an interesting way to learn and discover more about this band born in 2005)
A second opus of POWERWORLD has been released : what do you feel about that ? Proud ? Is POWERWORLD in the "right way" thanks to this second one ? :-)

Ilker : Proud? Yes, of course. The new line-up is the real thing. The new members fit very well in the POWERWORLD-idea and we became a real band after the change. I look forward to write new stuff with this guys.

Barish : I’m really satisfied about the result. As you know, we had some problems when we started working on this Album, but at the end – finally – it all turned out well. It has been a lot of work, but was worth it!

For the self-titled release, I've felt that it was more your own project (your "baby", as Barish said). However for Human Parasite, I've noticed you've worked a lot with Barish Kepic. Why ? Is it due to the music evolution of POWERWORLD ? :-o

Ilker : Yes, but Barish talked with me about the musically direction. He said that it makes no sense for him to do a record like the first one. We cut the prog and focused on the hooks and melodies.

I've been a little bit disappointed by Steffen Brunner leaving and Andrew McDermott coming ... Barish said that the first one wasn't really glad in the band. Could you tell me how you've met Steffen and why has he been the first POWERWORLD singer ? In addition, why Andrew to replace him ? (reasons of this choice)

Ilker : Steffen changed his taste of music. I met this guy during a concert with my old coverband. Steffen was a fan of my old band Freedom Call. After that I saw him singing live and I was impressed about his high-ranged-voice. But during the second production I felt that he is not into the music anymore. We changed our style a little bit and our music needed more character and musically maturity. It was his own decision to leave the band. I know Mac for a very long time and know him as an outstanding singer. It was necessary to bring someone in the band who is on the same level as we are. Mac is the right singer for POWERWORLD.

Is there an impact due to this singer changement in POWERWORLD music ? (more precisely during the recording session)

Ilker : No, Mac was able to sing all the arrangements. But we changed some parts here and there to make him happy :-). He brought a lot of soul in our music and his style makes the songs unique.

Barish : all of the songs were already written when Mac joined the band, but he definitely put his own stamp on them. I think Macs’ voice fits a lot better to the POWERWORLD songs than Steffens’ did. Anyway, it’s a matter of taste, too…Steffen is a talented singer, but I like Macs’ voice and style more…it gives an extra portion of power to the songs ;-)

A thing I've never understood and I hope you could explain me : at first the album was called Human Parasite, later Tame Your Demons and finally (and again !) Human Parasite ... Why ? :-)

Ilker : As I started to write the songs I always had HUMAN PARASITE in mind. During the recordings the song Tame your demons got really strong and heavy and we got cool ideas with Tame your demons as titletrack. But the whole concept was hard to realize and we were not happy with the artwork concept. This was the turning point and HUMAN PARASITE was back.

Barish : the main reason was, because we had some cool ideas for the cover by using the title “Tame your Demons”. But at the end we weren’t satisfied by any of the first artwork concepts and we changed the title to “Human Parasite”. That was a lot easier to realize…

Well, about tourdates ! POWERWORLD join Axel Rudi Pell (and FREEDOM CALL) for a european 2011 tour : a little bit excited ? What do you hope thanks to this tourdates ? :-o

Ilker : We are all excited. It's time to bring the band out on the streets. We will be well prepared. We will be playing 50 minutes. Please take a look at our homepage, we have 2 places to give in our nightliner.

Barish : We are really looking forward to this tour. The songs on “Human Parasite” are made to be played live. We’ve started with the rehearsals a few weeks ago, and it sounds great!

Finally, if I’ve forgotten something important and you would like to tell it, do it please. ;-)

Ilker : We hope that you all have a lot of fun with the album, take a look at the lyrics, see ya on tour.

Barish : Thanks for this interview, see you on tour !

Interview released in December 2010 for BarishKepic Fanazine by Axldobby
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