Interview "Special Powerworld Tour" Barish Kepic - POWERWORLD

[Interview] As you’ve noticed, the fanzine is sleeping a little bit this time … It’s ashame, however when you’ve not big news from your favorite guitarist, I think you’ve just to wait. I’ve been surprised by POWERWORLD’s decision, to replace Andrew McDermott by Michael Bormann during their tour. So, why not a short interview ?

What are the first impressions of the band about the POWERWORLD's tour ?

Barish : Our first – and the last impressions, ‘cause the tour is over now – were awesome. The whole tour went great. All venues were packed and the audience was great everywhere! Most of the people didn’t know us, but now they do…ha,ha,ha…
We have to say a big “thank you” to Axel Rudi Pell and his band and especially his crew! It was really fun to be on the road with these guys!

Is there a curse in POWERWORLD’s tour ? (FREEDOM CALL’s absence during the 22/12/2010, illness of POWERWORLD’s membres, …)

Ha, ha, ha…yeah it seems like! If there really is, then it started with the production of “Human Parasite”…as you know that our drummer and singer left the band shortly before we started recording this Album. We really had to struggle, even ‘til the tour came up…but at the end, all went well. Maybe it was some kind of test…who knows…?

Why Michael Bormann choice to replace Andrew McDermott ? Is it due to his participation to "Human Parasite" ?

Barish : Michael was our first choice, because we knew that he can handle a situation like this. I played with him six years in Jaded Heart, and of course I knew that he is professional enough to do this. He had six days to learn the songs. We had no time to rehearse with him…we met in Zwolle/NL where the first show of the tour was. The first gig was also our first rehearsal with him…ha,ha,ha…but he did a great job!

How do you think people will react to this changement ?

Barish : To be honest with you, we didn’t really care about that! It was like: when Michael says “yes I will do it”, then we will hit the road! I mean, the tourbus and everything else was already organized. To cancel the tour would have been a big dissapointment to all of us. We’re happy that we did it, and it seems that the people didn’t really care about that. Simply because most of them never heard about Powerworld before.

Will you play only POWERWORLD’s songs ? Or will you play some Bormann’s songs from his latest opus « Different » ?

Barish : Yes, we played only songs from “Human Parasite”. It wouldn’t make sense to play Michaels stuff on a tour with Powerworld.
But Ilker and I will play the Michael Bormann tour in April/May this year…he helped us out, and now we will help him…;-) It’s only Rock’n Roll…;-)

Interview released in February 2011 for BarishKepic Fanazine by Axldobby
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