BARISH KEPIC - Addiction (2012)

[Review] BARISH KEPIC - Addiction (2012)

Addiction was, in my case, a long awaited release. I was really glad to have in my hands this "messiah" opus. When the first notes came from my player, I recognized quickly the Barish Kepic's musical touch in his second solo effort Addiction. This is a combination of technique, feelings and melodies. Here, it's talent and music which speak. It's far away from some boring, annoying albums from what we are used to call "guitar heroes", those musicians who let talk the ego before music. Fortunately, this is not the case for all musicians!

This second try follows the orientation started on Sensitive Crush with, this time, an exception. I mean, on Sensitive Crush, it was pure instrumental music. This is not exactly the case on Addiction. For once, Barish Kepic gave us a vocal track : Michael Bormann, as guest singer, performs a JIMI HENDRIX's cover. For the rest, it's pure instrumental with mainly an arabist musical touch. Further more, it's a surprise to hear a short Blues-Jazzy moment on track Buzzed And Blue Hearted!

Through his music and more precisely through Addiction, Barish Kepic still express himself. It's a varied opus which needs some careful listening sessions to get the right "spirit". It's also the legitimate little brother of Sensitive Crush!

Tracklist :
01. Only By Night
02. The Long Road
03. Lost In Samsara
04. Vagabundear
05. Blue Hearted
06. All That Idle Talk
07. Addiction
08. While The City Sleeps
09. Book Of Destiny
10. Inside Illusions
11. Little Wing
Line-up :
Barish Kepic (guitars, bass, keyboards)
Sepp Bauer (drums)
Michael Bormann (guest voice: track 11)
Chity Somapala(guest on intro: track 03)
Ferdy Doernberg (guest keyboards: track 08, 09)

Artwork by : Alexander Walter
Catalog number : none

Label : Self-production
Release date : 2012
Produced by : Barish Kepic
Recorded at : Barish Kepic's studio