HEAVEN'S TRAIL - Lethal Mind (2018)

[Review] HEAVEN'S TRAIL - Lethal Mind (2018)

I won't deal with the origin of HEAVEN'S TRAIL and their first studio release, due to the complexity of the story. The only thing you need to know : a) it's a band, not a project ; b) it came from Barish Kepic's mind.

The line-up changed so many times that it was hard to follow who was involved in the process. In the end, Barish Kepic joined forces with his old comrade and bassplayer Michael Müller, plus the two MASTERPLAN members Rick Altzi and Kevin Kott.

Lethal Mind is the kind of Metal releases which won't change the face of the Earth but which will give you pleasure if you take it for what it is : an honorable disc of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal made in Germany, with an exotic touch.

The most interesting thing with Barish's music is the sound : it's melodic and sophisticated with humbleness. For each new release from Barish, I pay attention to riffs and soli which are... so well played in my opinion ! I'm fond of his musical style.

Another interesting thing Barish shows us through his Lethal Mind : his lyrics skills ! Previous soli releases were instrumental, then it was impossible to judge his lyrics skills. Excepted on tracks Too Late, Feed My Soul and The Flame, he wrote all on his own. And the result is positively surprising ! I didn't expect such a lyrics skill level !

My favorite song by far is Voodoo. It's the kind of song you keep in mind for good reason : it's well composed, performed and really addictive ! A song to play again and again !

If you are in search of a 2018 "between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal" opus, then Lethal Mind is made for you !

I would like to thank Mr. Kepic for his work and his friendship ! When someone asks me who's my favorite musician, there's no doubt in my mind : Barish Kepic for sure !

Tracklist :
01. Lethal Mind
02. Too Late
03. Changes
04. Carousel
05. Feed My Soul
06. On The Rise
07. The Flame
08. Walking In The Shadow
09. Voodoo
10. King Of Pain
11. Simplified
12. Burn (japanese bonus track)
Line-up :
Rick Altzi (vocals - MASTERPLAN)
Barish Kepic (guitars and keyboards - ex-JADED HEART)
Michael Müller (bass - JADED HEART)
Kevin Kott (drums - MASTERPLAN)

Artwork by : Eric Philippe
Catalog number : ESM 324

Label : Escape Music
Release date : 26th October 2018
Produced by : Barish Kepic / Khalil Turk
Recorded at : Barish Kepic's studio